Promoting Ezypay's Payment Options To Customers

No matter what products or services you offer, having the right tools at your disposal to promote them to your customers can help drive interest and long term profitability.

With Ezypay's Promotional Guidelines, we introduce you to a set of tools that help you position your business to drive new sales and increase cash flow.

In these guidelines, you will find everything you need to promote your flexible Ezypay payment options to your customers and to incorporate Ezypay in your marketing materials, including:

  • How to use Ezypay logos and assets
  • How to collaborate with Ezypay effectively
  • How to talk about Ezypay
  • How to use the benefits of Ezypay to sell to your customers
  • How to include Ezypay on your website and across social media

Find out more and download the promotional guidelines at

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