Understanding Maximum Debit Value (MDV)

What is Maximum Debit Value?

Maximum Debit Value (MDV) is the maximum amount that can be debited in a single transaction from a customer. MDV is an important factor that affects debit, credit or banking transactions, as it helps to prevent fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.


How is Maximum Debit Value determined by Ezypay?

The MDV is determined by Ezypay based on several factors such as your transaction history, the industry in which the business operates, the billing requirement shared in the application form when joining Ezypay and your business standing.


Why is Maximum Debit Value important?

A high MDV means that you can process larger transactions without the need for multiple debits, which can save time and money.

It is important to note that MDV can be adjusted based on your business growth. For example, if your business needs to process larger transactions, you can contact Ezypay to adjust your MDV accordingly.


How can I increase my Maximum Debit Value?

You can increase your MDV by improving your transaction history, which might include reducing your failed payments and improving your collection rate. There are multiple ways through which collection rates can be improved. You can read more about them here.

You can get in touch with us to increase your maximum debit value.


In summary, Maximum Debit Value is an important factor that affects all your transactions. A lower MDV helps to prevent and minimise the impact of fraudulent or unauthorised transactions, whereas a higher MDV allows you to process larger transactions without the need for multiple debits. You can contact Ezypay to discuss options for increasing the MDV based on your requirement or business growth.

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